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First of all, I am so happy that you are here. Muchas gracias for your support! My name is Mariana and I am the founder of Mucha Macha.

As a Mexican immigrant and now a Canadian, I am passionate about sharing my two cultures with my loved ones.

This is where the idea of Mucha Macha originated.

After a tough year, in the holidays of 2020, I wanted to gift my friends something that could serve as a reminder of how much I love them. 

It turned out to be something that could belong in everyone's favourite place (the kitchen!) and be part of the dining experience. Personally, this is priceless.

Mexican cuisine holds a very special place in my heart as I have

many beautiful memories of our traditional food bringing people together. Mucha Macha means sharing that familiar love of food through the meals that bring YOU joy and make YOUR heart sing.


I am so excited to share this with you - I hope you enjoy it!!


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