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Mucha Macha Chile Oil hits different! You can taste the love and passion in every drop. It has a kick, but doesn’t compromise on flavour! Honestly, whatever your “staple” hot sauce is, it’s time to swap it out for Mucha Macha Chile Oil - Mariana truly knows what she’s doing!



I’m on my fourth jar already! As a spice lover, it can be difficult to find a chili oil that is both tasty and actually spicy. Mucha Macha ticks both boxes and has become the “go to” hit sauce in our home. I love the crushed chilis at the bottom of the jar, they add the perfect crunch, spice and smoky flavor to any dish. The oil alone is milder, but retains all the deliciousness of the chilis. There is hardly a lunch or dinner that passes where I don’t reach for Mucha Macha. I enjoy eating the product as much as I enjoy watching the business grow. I’m so happy to support a local business, that is female run, created from the love and passion for the Mexican culture. Mucha Macha is the perfect gtreat for yourself or gift for the upcoming holiday season. Now, I just need to make it to Home and Away for the chicken wings…



Absolutely OBSESSED. If I'm eating anything savoury, it's dipped/doused in Mucha Macha Chile Oil. Right now, I'm loving it on rice bowls, in sandwiches/wraps, and drizzled on top of a breakfast scramble/hash. Also if you haven’t used Mucha Macha as a marinade or on avo toast, you’re missing out!

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There are MUCHO ways I like to enjoy my MUCHA but lately, I love pulling apart a boring store-bought rotisserie chicken, covering it with MUCHA and baking/simmering it for 20 minutes. Voilà, saucy & spicy chicken for tacos, rice or pasta.SO GOOD!



This is my third bottle of Mucha Macha, the fam love it’s, my friends love and it’s a great gift for spice lovers. It goes great with chicken and I use it to season beef and lamb.


Meli & Derek

Made of all-natural Mexican ingredients, outstanding texture, perfectly balanced, suitable for virtually every dish. The next time you make ceviche, or a noodle soup try to pour a spoonful of Mucha Macha into the pot and see how it turns out. Spoiler’s alert, it will taste absolutely amazing!



BEST CHILE EVER! The flavour is unique, versatile and DELICIOUS! Plus the jar is so big and so cute!!

100000 stars out of 10.

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Mucha Macha is not only another salsa, it’s more than that. It’s heaven in a jar. Once you open the jar, you cannot stop pouring it on top of your favourite food, marinating, or dipping some nachos in it!!! Mucha Macha is the bomb!!!! Literally!



Everything about this oil is perfection. The spice, the flavour, the textures - YUM! I drizzle this deliciousness on almost everything I eat. It is now a kitchen staple in my home. Supporting a local business every time I order this stuff is also pretty great. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!



I LOVE this chile oil! I don't enjoy cooking so my meals are usually pretty boring and made in 15 minutes or less. This oil makes everything taste SO good that I don't even feel bad about my cooking skills anymore! Also great on any take-out 😉

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