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What's all the spice about?

Low-carb | Keto-friendly | Vegan | Peanut-free | Gluten-free | No salts | Preservative-free | No processed sugars

Our delicious oil is nothing but flavourful and only has a handful of natural or organic ingredients, all locally sourced.

Chile de árbol (tree chilli)

This chile is potent and very popular in Mexican cuisine. It can be used in anything to add heat and spice, but beware - it's hot. Personally, it is one of my favourite chiles.

Scoville units: 15,000 - 30,000 | Heat rating: 3/10

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chile morita.jpeg

Chile morita (brown Chipotle)

Morita is similar to the chipotle pepper, but it's different in its deep and vibrant colour. It's smaller and has a unique fruity flavour. Once cooked, its smokiness and heat come out.

Scoville units: 5,000 - 10,000 | Heat index: 2/10

Piloncillo (little loaf)

Another staple in the Mexican kitchen is piloncillo! It is made up of unprocessed cane sugar and it's rawer than brown sugar. We source it from our local Latin market.


This spice has caramel elements with deep rum-like notes.

A little bit goes a long way so piloncillo only makes up 2.2% of a single Mucha Macha jar.​

Piloncillo + sesame seeds = our mildly sweet flavour

and earthy aroma.

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