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What's the drizzle?

Our chile oil is great as a marinade, cooking oil and final topping on all your fave meals! 

Whether you choose to have it in the morning drizzled on your eggs and toast, pizza, mixed in a salad or as a seasoning on literally any type of noodle - Mucha Macha is guaranteed to take a spot

in your hot sauce rotation and is definitely going in your tacos.

ramen soup bowl
eggs benedict
sweet and spicy chicken wings
pizza and wine night
flank steak tacos
oven cooked salmon and brussels with goat cheese
raw beef with herbs and spices
summer harvest salad
bacon and beef cheeseburger
pineapple and sausage pizza
pasta lunch

Our go-to's

Spice up any meal.

Everyone loves a gift they can eat.

Take it to a dinner party.


We believe that in order to operate a business it is imperative to do so consciously and responsibly.
Below you’ll find different ideas on how to reuse your Mucha Macha jars.
Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear them! Share them with us on social media and we'll add them here.

Our jars are dishwasher safe and the label can be peeled off.

Plant pot

This is a user fave. The wide mouth of the jar makes it easy to repot your plants. You can also use the jar to germinate seeds!

Candle holder

Place a small candle inside the jar and set the mood! You can also use it to make your own candles. Beeswax and coconut wax are amongst the most sustainable options.

Spice & food container

Anything goes! Spices like salt or pepper, foods like overnight oats or your favourite healthy to-go snack.


Toiletries like cotton balls and Q tips, food items like pickled veggies and overnight oats, and personal items like jewelry and hair accesories.

Uses: List

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